RöVSVETT "Jesus Var En Tomte" LP

RöVSVETT "Jesus Var En Tomte" LP

RöVSVETT "Jesus Var En Tomte" LP

LP on black vinyl with 12x12 2 sided insert.
Euro Import

In 1985 Rövsvett releases his first 7" EP with the title "Jesus Var En Tomte" (in English: Jesus Was An Elf) The record is considered one of the most brutal Swedish hardcore records ever released. In 2020 this record celebrates 35 years and it is celebrated with a new edition that is newly mixed and newly mastered . Now with 22 bonus songs!

- "Fast" which is from the same recording as the rest of the "Jesus Var En Tomte"
- Second EP newly mixed
- Live from the classic "Ultra Huset" 1987.

Song A1-A8 Taken From The EP "Jesus Var En Tomte"
Song A10-A16 Taken From The 7" "Ett Psykiskt Drama I 7 Akter"
B-Side Recorded Live In Ultra Huset Handen 8/6 -86 By Tompa Eken

A1 Jesus Var En Tomte
A2 Jehovas Vittne
A3 P.O.B.
A4 Världskrig 3
A5 Machopunk
A6 Kaffe
A7 Lobotomi
A8 Der Sadist
A9 Fast
A10 Allt Är Förbjudet
A11 Ni Kan Inte Fatta
A12 Rik Skit
A13 Skjut En Baptist
A14 Jag Hatar Mitt Jobb
A15 Trött Lever
A16 Satan Är Ett Troll
B1 Der Sadist
B2 Machopunk
B3 Ni Kan Inte Fatta
B4 Världskrig 3
B5 Trött Lever
B6 Jesus Var En Tomte
B7 Jehovas Vittnen
B8 Kaffe
B9 Rik Skit
B10 Skjut En Baptist
B11 P.O.B.
B12 Jag Hatar Mitt Jobb
B13 Lobotomi
B14 Satan Är Ett Troll