SEX DWARF "Sensou Hantai" 7" EP


SEX DWARF "Sensou Hantai" 7" EP

Black vinyl in heavy board gatefold sleeve with insert
Euro Import.

Sweden's kings of raw noise mangel are back with a brand new EP of total blown out mayhem. Recorded during Sex Dwarf's Japan tour 2018 in the notorious LM studio (Osaka) by Ippei Suda. Cover artwork by Jacky Crust War.

SEX DWARF is headed by Per Thunell who for some is more known from the Falun act Filthy Christians. He also sung on the 32 song Protes Bengt EP (1985), a band that included Mob 47 members. Per was also in Bruce Banner in early 2000’s. So what about this record. Expect music de-construction, blown out Japanese chainsaw noise influences, chainsaw noise guitar riffs.

Swedish masters of magel and noise here to devastate and destroy your eardrums.


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