SHIRO KURO (SUGI) "Sugi's Drawings 1989-2003" BOOK

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SHIRO KURO (SUGI) "Sugi's Drawings 1989-2003" BOOK

An awesome and beautiful collection of artwork by SUGI! Nice to have in a book format.

JAPANESE IMPORT, ltd copies.

SUGI's first Art Book compiling works from 1989-2003

The first printing of this collection other than on the records themselves! This compiles a collection of works by Hardcore illustrator Sugi which is not limited to Japan.
Limited to 1000 copies, 100 pages and comes with special postcard.
Live Flyers from Hiroshima, record jacket art/design, unpublished works are reproduced beautifully, about 100 prints or more are posted on 1 to a page, including full color works. Japanese Hardcore that everyone needs to see. Great Art Book with a wonderful composition and some unpublished works and the overwhelming presence that his art remains in Japanese HC/Punk history.

"SUGI's first ever art book is the ART BOOK of the world's leading hardcore illustrator !! From the very early 1989 work when SUGI and myself (Guy) first met, to 2003, when he worked on many hardcore band works, demonstrating his tremendous skills and worldview from Japan to the world. Carefully selected works and recorded! !! Many unpublished works are also included! !!
His work before the style of painting, which makes heavy use of pointillism, which is also his characteristic, is also worth seeing! !! Enjoy the delicate and delicate touch, bold composition, and SUGI WORLD, which is beautifully expressed mainly in black and white! !! The cover is a new work written for this art book! !!" - Guy / Gudon / Bloodsucker