SKITKLASS "Primitiv Känsla" CD


SKITKLASS "Primitiv Känsla" CD

Japanese Import.
Gatefold Mini LP sleeve CD packaging

Unidentified Hardcore band "SKITKLASS" releases their 1st full length album. They have released some tapes and eps, but all vanished in a moment. They play "one minute revolution hardcore". Vocalist sing in Swedish, and you can feel kind of Swedish hardcore taste from their sounds also. Maybe you can't understand before you experience it. Front cover by Keizo Miyanishi who also did the STALIN "trash" front cover.

It's a mystery what sparks encounters to weave into long-term connections, as if something is discovered without us even knowing. SKITKLASS was one of those enigmas, you knew them before you knew they were there. By the time word was beginning to spread about a masked band, SKITKLASS was releasing tapes and 7" in rapid succession. Looking back, it's a blur how or when the scene became acquainted with the band's presence. In all this mystery then, their early works were eventually auctioned at outrageous prices.

The band keeps their identity concealed and hidden. Contrary to my expectations, I received a very positive response. What started off as just a back-and-forth of sentences built into a mutual understanding of wanting to bring SKITKLASS's music into the world at a reasonable price. I could truly feel how serious they were toward music. Later along the way they sent me the album artwork, "I'M WATCHING YOU IN THE CAGE" written inside. I felt goosebumps when I realized that line was also directed at me releasing their work. They have that special flavor iconic bands of the 70's and 80's gave off, "that" flavor. It's not easy to find a band that can pull "that" off.
"A minute is enough for a revolution to rise."


1 Den Omöjliga Världen
2 Djurspöke
3 Primitiv Känsla
4 Exemplar
5 Stängt Samhälle
6 Dragkedjemaskens Hemlighet
7 Malen I Skogen
8 Assimilering Av Makt
9 Berättelsespår: "Möjligt Hjärta, Omöjlig Värld"