SLIGHT SLAPPERS "Sweet Power Violence" CD


SLIGHT SLAPPERS "Sweet Power Violence" CD

Tokyo power violence 2017 EP reissued on CD. Fast and furious as always!!

Japanese Import.

Japan POWER VIOLENCE pioneer, SLIGHT SLAPPERS has released a super long-awaited solo work!

Its name is "Sweet Power Violence". It's a masterpiece with a title that can be advocated because of them! It's been 5 years since the solo work "MOON LIGHT" released in 2012. State-of-the-art Power Violence has arrived from SLIGHT SLAPPERS. It's full of playfulness, rather than seriously throughout the whole story, and in a good way they are playing down like them. Power Violence has been re-evaluated in the last few years and has been booming worldwide, but SLIGHT SLAPPERS has created a colorful parallel world that no band can imitate. It is a translation. 10 song fairy tale trip. The real thing naturally crosses the borderline.

1 Popstar
2 Skyfish
3 Black Or White? I’m Gray
4 The Piss Boy
5 Chat
6 Vanilla
7 Computer
8 Smash
9 Only Want To Sleep
10 Human
11 Moonlight -Dance Remix-