TRAUMA "Trauma" LP


TRAUMA "Trauma" LP

Overlooked Portland HC/Punk album stacked with veteran players doing raw no bullshit hardcore..

LP on heavy black with heavy board sleeve.. Comes with a 12x12 two sided insert.

Trauma features the singer from early '80s Portland hardcore band Final Warning on vocals, along with Billy from Tragedy/Deathreat/His Hero is Gone/From Ashes Rise on guitar, and Todd from Tragedy/His Hero Is Gone/Deathreat/Warcry on drums. They play raging Portland hardcore that can sounds like a more pissed off raw and stripped down version Deathreat.

A1 Wolf At The Door
A2 No Escape
A3 Fall In Line
A4 Human Wreckage
A5 Killer
B1 Soma
B2 To My Grave
B3 Fear Us Now
B4 No Way Out
B5 Out Of Asylum