A true Dropdead USHC / NYHC favorite. Like Mecht Mensch it's super raw and a little scrappy, this is a mandatory record if you like fast hardcore. Dou yourself a solid and grab one if you don't have it already. These are the last copies available from the label that reissued it!



URBAN WASTE gets me as close to a religious experience as possible. The greatest Hardcore record ever released. Period. It’s not one single song that sticks out (when I was young, it was “Police Brutality” though). It’s the whole damn EP, every note, every scream, every word, every drum beat, every distortion, every time any string is touched on the guitar and the hardly noticeable bass. How raw the sound, how crude the mastering job is, with all the endings just cut off. Such details I could rave on about forever. The feeling of total loneliness in a song like “Ignorant” and how the drum intro perfectly underlines this with just the right amount of reverb. Incredible. Despite its great relevance, this record (and many with it) will never ever find a way into the canon of the 20th century classics, although it would be well deserved and not even the Hardcore re-enactors of today will understand the relevance of URBAN WASTE. Sure, music is a subjective thing, but c’mon, in a most objective manner, this fucking rules.

Buy the official reissue or spend a couple hundred bucks for the original, but get this. You can’t live without it. I couldn’t. You shouldn’t." - GOOD BAD MUSIC

Track Listing:
A1 Police Brutality
A2 Public Opinion
A3 No Hope
A4 Wasted Life
B1 Skank
B2 Ignorant
B4 Reject