VARIOUS "Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record" LP

Euro Import, LP on heavy ORANGE vinyl.

First ever vinyl reissue for this seminal compilation of early California hardcore punk, originally issued on the New Underground label in 1983. Featuring such names as the Germs, M.I.A., China White, Shattered Faith along with more obscure ones as Marshall Mellow, Ill Will, Powertrip. Also features Bags, Anti, Minutemen, Bpeople, Mood Of Defiance, Invisible Chains, Zurich 1916, and Vox Pop. Artwork by Raymond Pettibon. Includes double-sided insert with liner notes by Susan Swear. Fully remastered audio. Orange vinyl.

"Once you listen to the bands on Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself (RRS 149LP), and the other two volumes: Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods and Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record (RRS 165LP), the listener will agree that these are some of the best punk compilations of their time. No punk record collection is complete without copies of these albums, and it is amazing how time has forgotten and overlooked the impact and important piece of punk music history they are a part of. Now, thanks to Radiation Records, all three Life Is record compilations by New Underground Records are being re-released. Almost 40 years after their initial release, the Life Is compilations are the perfect soundtrack for the chaotic world we are currently living in." --Susan Swear

Track Listing:

–Bags We Will Bury You 1:53
–Anti Up At Four 1:36
–Anti Repressed Agression 2:23
–Shattered Faith Victims Of Society 1:33
–Shattered Faith Short-Haired Thugs 1:23
–Shattered Faith What Happened? 1:37
–China White Danger Zone 3:15
–M.I.A. Last Day At The Races 1:40
–M.I.A. Missing Or Captured 0:28
–Ill Will Ill Will Theme Song 1:07
–Ill Will Mr. Government 2:55
–Germs Media Blitz (Live At The Hong Kong Café) 0:58
–Germs What We Do Is Secret (Live At The Hong Kong Café) 0:40
–Minutemen Prelude 1:15
–Bpeople I Said Everybody 1:36
–Mood Of Defiance Girl In A Painting Part 2
–Mood Of Defiance Flower Child
–Invisible Chains Eienstiens Followers 2:35
–Marshall Mellow Marshmellow Children 1:20
–Zurich 1916 Sugars Sugar 2:37
–Zurich 1916 Interconnected Amplifier Feedback Loop Piece #2 Section E (1979) 1:35
–Vox Pop Good Times Pt.1 0:11
–Vox Pop Paint It Black 1:53
–Powertrip Iron Horse 2:25