VARIOUS "Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record" LP

Euro Import, LP on heavy RED vinyl.

First ever vinyl reissue for this seminal compilation of early California hardcore punk, originally issued on the New Underground label in 1983. Featuring such names as the Germs, Minutemen, Sin 34, Shattered Faith along with more obscure, experimental ones as Doo-Dooettes, Modern Torture, and Tone Deaf. Also features Redd Kross, Modern Warfare, Anti, Mood Of Defiance, Hari-Kari, Artistic Decline, Invisible Chains, Slivers, Vox Pop, Marshall Mellow, Carl Stone, Zurich 1916, and Debt Of Nature. Artwork by Raymond Pettibon. Includes double-sided insert with liner notes by Susan Swear. Fully remastered. Red vinyl.

"Once you listen to the bands on Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself (RRS 149LP), and the other two volumes: Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods (RRS 166LP) and Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record, the listener will agree that these are some of the best punk compilations of their time. No punk record collection is complete without copies of these albums, and it is amazing how time has forgotten and overlooked the impact and important piece of punk music history they are a part of. Now, thanks to Radiation Records, all three Life Is record compilations by New Underground Records are being re-released. Almost 40 years after their initial release, the Life Is compilations are the perfect soundtrack for the chaotic world we are currently living in." --Susan Swear

Track Listing:

A1 Germs– Strange Notes 1:30
A2 Germs– Caught In My Eye 3:00
A3 Minutemen– Base King 1:11
A4 Redd Kross– Out Of Focus 3:04
A5 Modern Warfare– Moral Majority 1:26
A6 Shattered Faith– The Omen 2:09
A7 Anti – Without Love We Will Die 1:02
A8 Mood Of Defiance– American Love Song 3:29
A9 Hari-Kari– Prey For Peace 1:34
A10 Sin 34– Forced Education 1:34
B1 Artistic Decline– Friday Punk 0:32
B2 Modern Torture– Fascist Media 1:15
B3 Invisible Chains– Paisley Douche / Cactus Juice 3:40
B4 Slivers– Restraint For Style 0:55
B5 Vox Pop– Tumble Bug 5:10
B6 Marshall Mellow– Marshmellow Children 1:14
B7 Carl Stone– Jang 3:20
B8 Doo-Dooettes– Red Wrec. Said (Version) 2:09
B9 Zurich 1916– No Canvas 3:20
B10 Tone Deaf – Story Of A T.V. Murder 1:40
B11 Debt Of Nature– And It Got Hit By A Truck 0:30
B12 Debt Of Nature– Your Life Means Nothing 2:30