WARCOLLAPSE "Bound To Die" 7" EP


WARCOLLAPSE "Bound To Die" 7" EP

Longtime friends drop 4 new tracks of steamrolling Swedish Crust.

Black vinyl in heavy board pocket sleeve with poster insert.
Euro Import.

Sweden's Warcollapse release this new 2021 EP, "Bound To Die."
Warcollapse play heavy crust with a thick sound that very much is in the tradition and style which was established in the 1990s in Sweden by bands such as themselves. They were one of the integral bands of the great '90s Swedish crust scene (releasing their debut EP in 1993) which included the likes of 3 Way Cum, Bombraid, Counterblast, Dismachine, Dispense, Dom Där, Sauna, Tolshock, Totalitär, and a slew of others. Although probably best known for their pair of split 7"s with Disrupt and Extinction of Mankind released back in 1994, they've consistently recorded and released new material throughout their time as a band. This newest EP picks up right where they'd previously left off and is sure to be of interest to both old and new fans. - Negative Insight


1 Manipulerad
2 Bound To Die
3 Skin One Up
4 Hate And Disdain