WARHEAD "Cry Of Truth" 7" EP

WARHEAD "Cry Of Truth" 7" EP

WARHEAD "Cry Of Truth" 7" EP

Absolutely crushing Japanese hardcore punk reissue. Mandatory!!!

Japanese Import
Clear yellow vinyl

Officical re-releases of the devastating debut EP from now-veteran Kyoto thrashers Warhead! Amazing Japanese hardcore from 1991. An absolutely jaw-dropping slab of intense, ravening thrash, blasting through five songs in less than eight minutes with an absurd amount of energy and power. I think this is one of the best Japanese hardcore EPs out there... a classic!

Originally self-released by the band and then later reissued by Devour (Japan) and Amok Records (Germany) now back in print as 25th year aniversary edition.

Read about this landmark record here:

A1 Cry Of Truth
A2 Suicide
B1 Fight With No Fear
B2 You In Corruption
B3 Your On Crime