WOLFBRIGADE "A D-beat Odyssey" LP

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WOLFBRIGADE "A D-beat Odyssey" LP

WOLFBRIGADE "A D-beat Odyssey" LP

A straight up Swedish D-beat ripper! Repressed finally!

150 gram black vinyl with 12x12 2 sided lyric insert.

Raging Scandinavian Hardcore steamroller. Down-tuned crust-core blasts with a hint of the melody of early Swedish punk and classic Swedish Death Metal. This was originally planned to be a tour record for Wolfbrigade's 2004 US tour. As it happened the material was too long for a 7" and the band opted to release it as a 12". Soon after the rehearsals for the recording session singer Micke lost his voice. As it happened he had some sort of tumor on his throat and would have to have surgery and years of therapy to sing again. During the recording sessions Micke's voice went out and Poffen from Totalitar was called in for some guest vocals, his first appearance outside Totalitar. As a result of the band breaking up and Micke losing his voice, the tour was cancelled but Wolfbrigade agreed to fly in for just two shows, Thrash Fest 5 and a show in Chicago with From Ashes Rise. Micke's voice held out for two stellar shows. The cover art on this 12" was done by Marald. Lyrics deal with alienation and depression from life in modern Swedish society and an anti-fascist anthem.


Realisation Av Valfarden
Langt Fall
Jag Mot Dig
Idioternas Parad