YACOPSAE "Timeo Ergo Sum" CD

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YACOPSAE "Timeo Ergo Sum" CD

Germany's fastest and longest running blast maniacs. Relentless thrashing audio fury!

CD in jewelcase packaging.
Euro import.

The return of Germany's fastest band ever, 24 songs of neck-breaking Hardcore/PowerViolence at impossible blasting speed! After almost 30 years since their inception, these maniacs show no sign of sitting down, if you loved their previous effort "Tanz, grozny tanz", this is the same level of rage and craziness, reaching an even tighter and annihilating dimension. And it's the last recording featuring Emu on drums, but for no reason the end of an era, they're already back setting stages on fire with a renewed line-up pulverizing asses with the same amount of aggression and ballistic precision. So get ready for a new cyclone of unstoppable Turbo Speed Violence!!

A1 Misanthrop 0:49
A2 Herz/Schlag 0:31
A3 Kopflos 0:48
A4 Vergessen 0:28
A5 Welt/Reich 0:52
A6 Endstation Langenhorn 1:03
A7 Das Wiegenlied Zum Totschlag 0:30
A8 Niemandsland 0:33
A9 Alle Worte 0:19
A10 Nah/t 1:13
A11 Leiden Schafft 0:42
A12 Durchgestrichen 2:10
B1 Zeitsprung 0:52
B2 Reis 0:21
B3 Lehre Leere 0:54
B4 K/Lynch 0:58
B5 Selbst Bestimmt 0:46
B6 Spiele 0:30
B7 زنان شجاع افغانستان 0:49
B8 Such(e)t 0:53
B9 F22.0 1:02
B10 Schrei/b 0:04
B11 Fünfe Gerade 0:31
B12 Timeo Ergo Sum 3:45