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Underrated and shamefully overlooked 3rd album by these Bay Area HC/thrash pioneers. Originally only released in the UK on In Your Face records run by Kalv of HERESY.

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT was one of the original Bay Area hardcore/punk/crossover bands that helped bridge the gap between hardcore and metal and help kick start of the crossover era.

This is the third release of the Bay Area crossover thrash/hardcore/punk band known as ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. It originally was released in 1991 , but hasn't seen the light of day on vinyl again till now!

By this time ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT had grown technically as musicians . They also added a second guitarist. The new lineup created not only another killer album, but also one that had an even tighter, furious hc/ thrash sound.

This reissue also the royal treatment. It's been fully restored and remastered so it sounds even louder, brilliant and ass kicking then ever before. This edition includes new liner notes as well.

Track listing

01A Feel My Pain
02A Power of Control
03A I Can't Forgive
04A Bed Of Nails
05A Sab Song
06A The Truth
01B Scarred For Life
02B The Way I Am
03B There's No Doubt
04B Swastika Troops
05B Dope Fiend
06B Deceived
07B Out Of Hand