BASTARD NOISE / GOVERNMENT ALPHA "Interstellar Perceptions By A Failed Species" LP


BASTARD NOISE / GOVERNMENT ALPHA "Interstellar Perceptions By A Failed Species" LP

Black vinyl, limited to 213 copies

The alliance BASTARD NOISE and GOVERNMENT ALPHA flex on “Interstellar Perceptions Of A Failed Species” has been well explored over their combined decades of heavy electronic experimentation and exhibition. But rarely has a record that invites this level of self-examination been so welcome- the overwhelming, majestic synthesis awakens something within. Maybe the fear is edifying. At its heart, the record presents a pair of old friends uniting not in joy but in prophetic agony. The results are chilling and exhilarating. - Josh Landes (Limbs Bin)

A project years in the making, Anthems is proud to bring you this monstrous release from two legends. Mastered and cut for vinyl by David Cheppa (who has cut masters for Black Flag, Poison Idea, The Cramps, Kraftwerk, and many more,) with the exception of the infamous RRR 500 compilation, this is (by some bizarre coincidence) the first vinyl LP these two frequent collaborators have ever appeared on together.


Government Alpha - Spinal Anesthesia 04:12
Government Alpha - Invisible Ray 10:50
Government Alpha - Peristaltic Motion 04:28

Bastard Noise - Making Sure All Slaughterhouse Workers Are Incinerated 06:03
Bastard Noise - 00:13
Bastard Noise - GN-Z11 04:43
Bastard Noise - 00:11
Bastard Noise - Human Life Finally Eradicated (Mother Earth's Enemy Gone) 07:57