BASTARDS "World Burns To Death" CD

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BASTARDS "World Burns To Death" CD

BASTARDS "World Burns To Death" CD

Ltd press CD in jewel case packaging.

Found some dead stock copies of this Ltd cd reissue from 1994! The classic 1982 Bastards tracks all in one spot!

Bastards were a Finnish hardcore punk band whose original line-up did only the 7" "Maailma Palaa Ja Kuolee" (World Burns To Death) and Russia Bombs Finland in 1982. The line-up was Sid on vocals, Rike on guitar, Roitsu on bass and Masa on drums. Bastards was established in Tampere, Finland in the beginning of 1980s.

Bastards soon became one of the major bands from Propaganda Records, which helped introduce the world to Finnish hardcore.

Rike, Masa and Sid were also together in Antikeho, who released some songs on the PROPAGANDA I (Russia Bombs Finland) compilation LP. Masa played also in Protesti and Skitzo. Sid played in Protesti and Kaaos. Rike played later in Riistetyt, Pyhät Nuket and Nuket. The only line-up change Bastards ever had was when they changed vocalists. Their new vocalist was Lahti, who joined after the 7" was recorded.

They made a European tour in 1983. The 2000s saw several vinyl/cd reissues for the band: Järjetön maailma (Insane World), Demo 82 and Siberian Hardcore.

Songs 1-10 originally released as 'World Burns to Death' 7" released on Propaganda Records in 1982.
Songs 11-19 originally released on "PROPAGANDA - Russia Bombs Finland' compilation also from 1982 on Propaganda Records.

1. Vote For Your Lords
2. Finland's On A Leash
3. Black Parade
4. Delusion
5. Salvation On Sale
6. Soldiers Of God
7. The Young Lost In Politics
8. They're Getting Tough
9. Livin' An Unreal Life
10. Too Many Wars In Vain
11. Anxious To Forget
12. No Noise In The Silent World
13. Brainwashed
14. Cremated In Ruins
15. No Power To Hit Back
16. Just Another Fool
17. Fatherland
18. Siberian Hardcore
19. Insane World