BROKEN BONES "I.. O.. U.... Nothing" LP

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BROKEN BONES "I.. O.. U.... Nothing" LP

Cool reissue of two Broken Bones EPs plus a full live set on side two, with a huge poster of the cover art! Essential UKHC!

Ltd black vinyl with 24x24 poster.

Reissue for the 1984 mini LP by Stoke On Trent’s own Broken Bones, originally out on the Aggressive Rockproduktionen label and collecting their first two singles. This enhanced 2021 edition also features the full 1985 ‘Live 100 Cub’ LP added as bonus.


A1 Decapitated
A2 I.O.U.
A3 Terrorist Attack
A4 Crucifix
A5 Problem
A6 Fight The Good Fight
A7 Liquidated Brains
A8 Stand Up
A9 City Fodder
A10 Liquidated Brains
B1 Police Brutality
B2 Big Hard Man
B3 Sick And Bored
B4 Whose To Blame
B5 Decapitaited
B6 Mellow Out
B7 Problem
B8 Terrorist Attack
B9 Civil War
B10 Decapitaited