DROPDEAD "Live in Wermelskirchen" LP LTD VAULT COPIES

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DROPDEAD "Live in Wermelskirchen" LP LTD VAULT COPIES

DROPDEAD "Live in Wermelskirchen" LP

Various vault variants, this one ltd to 2 available copies. Straight from a personal stash of random limited copies from over the years!

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Limited to 300.
Recorded live in AJZ.Bahndamm Wermelskirchen, Germany December 1998.
Silkscreened fold out covers with black on black.

A1 Superior
A2 Bitter Fruit (The Seed)
A3 Unjustified Murder
A4 Idiot Icon
A5 The Enemy Within (Part2)
A6 Sheep
A7 Requiem
A8 Dead Inside
A9 Those Who We Deny
A10 Army Of Hate
A11 Witchhunt
A12 Us And Them
A13 What Once Was Life
A14 You Have A Choice
B1 No Glory
B2 One Inside One-hundred
B3 At The Cost Of An Animal
B4 Still You Follow Blindly
B5 I Will Stand
B6 Life In Chains
B7 Herd
B8 Wake Of Deception
B9 Tied Down For Survival
B10 Prison
B11 I Will Defy