INZEST "Violence Not Words 1987-1988" LP

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INZEST "Violence Not Words 1987-1988" LP

INZEST "Violence Not Words 1987-1988" LP

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Pummeling, fast thrashing Japanese Hardcore for fans of S.O.B., Brain Death, Outo, Gudon

One sided LP with silk-screened art on the back, OBI strip and insert with never seen before photos + scans from the EP and demotape..

Osaka Thrash-core inferno!! Official reissue of their cult flexi disc “Another religion another violence” (1987) + rare “Motive of genocide” Demotape (1988). These shortly lived skullcrushers were responsible for some of the fastest and most furious Japanese Hardcore blended with mad thrashing riffs and vitriolic screams. If you’re possessed by the abuse of speed and aggression of bands like S.O.B., Outo, Gudon, Brain Death, Googolplex, Systematic Death etc you can’t go wrong with this, just put this record up and you’ll be smashed by a bloodshed of manic fast ferocity!


"Another Religion...Another Violence" Flexi Disc EP (1987)
A1 Endless Money War
A2 Human
A3 Disruption
A4 The New Religion - Maniac Believer

Motive Of Genocide Demotape (1988)
A5 War Head
A6 Disruption
A7 A Border Conflict
A8 Bahrain
A9 Violence Not Words