KROMOSOM "Kromosom" LP

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KROMOSOM "Kromosom" LP

KROMOSOM "Kromosom" LP (Japanese Edition)

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Australian HC/Noise Punk KROMOSOM's 1st LP
Japanese Import.

The Japanese edition on Freedom Fighter Records is housed in a tip-on heavy board jacket designed by Mr. Minami of Anti-Power Zine, and is limited to 250 pieces in Japan with Japanese translated lyric insert.

A typical Kromosom song goes like this… feedback, riff, ridiculous drums, tidal wave of puke unleashed with raw anti-production values.
The guitars are absurdly distorted. The drums are a complete exorcism of energy. The bass holds all the rawness together, the only thing that keeps this from being complete wall of razor noise. I think the other highlight of the record is Yeap's crazy rampaging vocals, the tension is exploding, and it stands apart from the noisy hardcore that rampages loudly. It's a very satisfying 1st album with destructive songs and performances! With a Japanese noise core / crust sound, it feels like shooting ANTI-CIMEX-type beast blood and Brutal D-Beat juice in rapid succession.

A1 Systematic Death
A2 Living Dead
A3 Live Forever
A4 Hysteria
B1 Swine Control
B2 Wasted Life
B3 Force-Fed Lies
B4 Sentenced To Life