LEFT HAND WRATH Distortion Pedal

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LEFT HAND WRATH Distortion Pedal

Lone Wolf FX LEFT HAND WRATH Distortion Pedal

Used like new, only used a few times in practice room.

Lone Wolf FX take on the HM2, the chainsaw sound of 90's Swedish death metal, Hamd made by a company that actually cares about OSDM.
Top mount jacks and a clean blend as a stock offering.
The Left Hand Wrath is a modernized and updated version of the legendary HM2.
Tweaked for the ultimate in chainsaw ripping fury, You now have full tonal control over your sound.
The midrange has been decoupled from the high control, and an added presence control has been added a heavier mode is on the 2nd foot switch.
Also added has been a 3 way clipping toggle featuring vintage Japanese diodes used in the MIJ HM2, no clipping, and a hybrid pair of vintage germanium diodes for a softer yet still aggressive tone.
This pedal is not compatible with one spot and other budget brand power devices, it requires an isolated, regulated 9v power supply.