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Straight up fast hardcore from INFEST / NO COMMENT / LACK OF INTEREST members. No bullshit fast and furious HC!

150 gram WHITE vinyl with 2 sided 12x12 insert in a heavy board jacket.

Low Threat Profile was formed in the mid 90′s by a bunch of musicians with a long history in the Californian Power Violence hardcore scene of the early 90′s. Matt, Bob and Andy. Infest, Neanderthal, Lack Of Interest, No Comment, Man Is The Bastard in one band!! This is superfast punishing Hardcore mixing the simple and effective punchintheface impact of early 80s HC bands like Negative FX, DRI, Verbal Abuse, Jerry's Kids and the power violent treatment each of this band's members is specialized in. Short ultrafast and loud assault at its most destructive form!

"Damn, here's another release I was waiting to hear. Here's the first full-length from Los Angeles, CA's Low Threat Profile features 15 tracks of blazing fast hardcore/powerviolence played by Bob from Lack Of Interest, Matt from Infest and Andy of No Comment, who all helped pioneer the "powerviolence" scene. Damn. Intense is an understatement. Fans of the abovementioned "former bands" will not be let down." - ROCKBOX


A1 This Fight's Not Over
A2 Back To Basics
A3 Flesh Blood Bone
A4 My Only Friends
A5 Part Of Society
A6 Cross My Heart
A7 There Once Was A Time
A8 Product #2

B1 Plastic Town
B2 Just Can't Win
B3 Two Steps Back
B4 Foiled Fortune
B5 Happy Moments
B6 A Calm Within
B7 My One And Only