MALLEUS "Storm Of Witchcraft" CASSETTE

MALLEUS "Storm Of Witchcraft" CASSETTE

MALLEUS "Storm Of Witchcraft" CASSETTE

Pro-printed cassette, each copy includes a circular woven patch.

If you like Hellhammer, Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost, Sodom, this is a trip to the earlier days of primitive death metal.

"Like a relic from a lost time, Storm of Witchcraft rages forward on an axis of Hellhammer, debut-era Bathory, and early Celtic Frost. However familiar it may sound on paper and in execution, MALLEUS nevertheless evoke an atmosphere that's equal parts drivingly serious and all-out evil, splitting the difference between alcoholocaustic gallop and dread-inducing downtempos. And it's aptly titled, too: Storm of Witchcraft possesses that ancient, old-world aura that puts this safely beyond simple “party music.” No matter how you choose to process it, Storm of Witchcraft is a poisonous first strike for MALLEUS!"

1. Winds of Wrath / Ire
2. Blackened Skies
3. Demonology I
4. Demonology II
5. The Wolf
6. Act of Faith
7. Storm of Witchcraft