PLUTOCRACY "Civilized.......?" LP

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PLUTOCRACY "Civilized.......?" LP

Discography LP of splits, eps and comp tracks by these “dankcore” pioneers.

LP on 180g black vinyl. Includes an 11x11" insert with art and lyrics plus a glossy band photo/postcard printed on heavyweight cardstock. Ltd to 500

A wild mix of grindcore, powerviolence, punk, heavy distortion, movie samples, gangsta rap samples and several screaming vocalists shouting tales of everything from police violence to drug references and other crazy shit. This is a metal/punk hybridization at its most raw and giving zero fucks about anything really. Sizzling speedy tempos combined with screaming sessions that surely resulted in puked up esophaguses, PLUTOCRACY mastered the art of combining the most brutal elements of crust punk and early grindcore with all those tricks that Pig Destroyer would later adopt, namely movie samples and other non-metal accoutrements. This is a no fucks left to give sorta release that delivers explosive energetic performances and adds enough extra elements to keep the screaming meets guitar distortion blowing off the richter scale.

Tracks A1 to A3 were originally released on the split 7" with Aproctous.
Tracks A4 and A5 are previously unreleased versions.
Track A6 is a previously unreleased track.
Tracks B1, B2 and B4 were originally released on the Snitch E.P..
Track B3 was originally released on the Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation 7".
Tracks B5 to B7 were originally released on the split 7" with 976.
Tracks B8 to B13 were originally released on the Split EP with Discordance Axis.

A1 Plutocracy– Blurred 1:39
A2 Plutocracy– Jailed By The Coin 2:00
A3 Plutocracy– DV8 2:04
A4 Plutocracy– Class Tension 3:50
A5 Plutocracy– Plutocracy 2:10
A6 Plutocracy– Kill Adam Curry 2:48
B1 Plutocracy– Intro-Guilt 4:07
B2 Plutocracy– Snitch 0:42
B3 Plutocracy– Good Times 0:16
B4 Plutocracy– System Overload 1:30
B5 Plutocracy– Rolling With Dank 0:51
B6 Plutocracy– Mizer 1:03
B7 Sirota– Can You Dig It? 1:25
B8 Plutocracy– Feel The Wrath 0:32
B9 Plutocracy– G Of The D 0:56
B10 Plutocracy– Shorty But A Goody 0:20
B11 Plutocracy– Pluto Loko 1:42
B12 Plutocracy– Suckass 0:42
B13 Plutocracy– Chickenz 0:48