SONS OF ISHMAEL "Hayseed Hardcore, The Whole Story" LP

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SONS OF ISHMAEL "Hayseed Hardcore, The Whole Story" LP

SONS OF ISHMAEL "Hayseed Hardcore, The Whole Story" LP

Straight up crushing classic.

Black vinyl LP in heavy board jacket.

Neos meets thefirst DRI record. Straight ahead fast hardcore that is not overindulgent. Definitely has the sound of the time period that is hard to replicate. Included are the songs off the original 7” with some bonus comp tracks. A true testament to the impack of worldwide hc/punk that a band from a small town with no punks could come out with something with this much ferocity.
Some will remember their LP, Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice, released by the excellent Bristol label Manic Ears, back in 1987. They were a fast hardcore/thrash band also reminiscent of MDC, Adrenalin OD and 76% Uncertain, with socio-political lyrics that were contrasted with a more light-hearted sarcastic sense of humor (often the case with Canadian punk bands: both smart and funny). Seventeen songs were recorded in 1985, some of which ended-up on their self-released debut EP, Hayseed Hardcore. This 12″, released in 2010, compiles that complete recording session and includes liner notes and an insert.

Track Listing:

Small Town Mentality
Break Free!
Mr. Personality
Governors Of Death
Todays Victim / Tomorrows Aggressor
Be A Man
Vice On My Brain
Social Drinker
Condemned To Live
Another Groovy Tune
Follow The Leader
Service To Your Country / End To Your Life
Divine Deception