CONFLICT "Standard Issue 82-87" LP


CONFLICT "Standard Issue 82-87" LP

Great overview collection of some of the best Conflict material. A solid introduction, and great as a best of of the early EPs.

Euro import. Black vinyl LP in heavy board jacket.

2022 repress; originally released in 1989, "Standard Issue 82-87" presents British anarcho-punks Conflict at their most fierce and confrontational, with a complete overview of the band´s classic early stages. Their extremely pissed off yet melodic trademark sound is here in all its angry splendor. Tracks compiled from early 7"s and a few choice cuts from their early albums. 13 blasts total of raging, original and strongly political UK hardcore, the ideal soundtrack to a world falling again into a pit of nationalism and fascist stupidity. Now more than ever, Conflict´s powerful protest noise needs to be listened to, and loud!


A1 Conflict
A2 The Guilt And The Glory
A3 From Protest To Resistance
A4 Tough Shit Mickey
A5 Reality Whitewash (Live)
A6 Whichever Way You Want It
B1 The Serenade Is Dead
B2 The Positive Junk
B3 The System Maintains
B4 This Is Not Enough
B5 Neither Is This
B6 Mighty And Superior
B7 To Whom It May Concern

Track A1 Re-recorded and originally released on 'The House That Man Built', deleted in December 1986. (Crass Records, June 1982)

Track A2 from 'It's Time To See Who's Who'. (Corpus Christi Records, March 1983)

Track A3 And A4 from 'Increase The Pressure'.(Mortarhate Records, June 1984)

Track A5 recorded live April 18th 1987, taken from 'Turning Rebellion Into Money'. (Mortarhate Records, August 1987)

Track A6 taken from 'To A Nation Of Animal Lovers'. (Corpus Christi Records, October 1983)

Track B1 to B3 originally released as 'The Serenade Is Dead' deleted in December 1986. (Mortarhate Records, January 1984)

Track B4 and B5 originally released as 'This is not enough' deleted in December 1987. (Mortarhate Records, March 1985)

Track B6 and B7 originally released as 'The Battle Continues' deleted in December 1987. (Mortarhate Records, October 1985)