JOY DIVISION "Radio Transmissions: The Complete BBC Recordings" LP

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JOY DIVISION "Radio Transmissions" LP

Timeless and essential BBC radio sessions (and more) by Joy Division.

Euro import. Black vinyl LP in heavy board jacket.

Complete BBC Sessions; all the Peel Sessions plus two songs performed live on the Something Else TV show on Sept.1, 1979. Recordings are especially significant, featuring Curtis and company performing in full glory. The recorded performances themselves are of exceptional quality, and help dispel the myth that Joy Division was not particularly good in a live setting. To mention two examples, the takes of "Transmission" And "She's Lost Control" even take on a much more aggressive quality than what was originally put to tape. As a bonus, a three-minute interview of Curtis and Morris is also included, providing a valuable look at the Human side of one-half of the band.


A1 Exercise One
A2 Insight
A3 She's Lost Control
A4 Transmission
A5 Love Will Tear Us Apart
A6 24 Hours
B1 Colony
B2 Sound of Music
B3 Transmission
B4 She's Lost Control
B5 Interview

Tracks A1-A4 recorded for the John Peel show 31 Jan '79
Tracks A5-B2 recorded for the John Peel show 26 Nov '79
B3-B4 Recorded live for Something Else 1 Sept '79
B5 Recorded for Radio One in '79