LIMP WRIST "18 Songs" LP (1st Album)


LIMP WRIST "18 Songs" LP (1st Album)

Essential reissue!!

Euro Import, LP on 150gram vinyl with lyric booklet

Phenomenal first LP from Limp Wrist that followed up their scathing debut EP on Paralogy and features 18 tracks of fast, brutal HC featuring Martin from Los Crudos on vocals. Limp Wrist play some of the most fierce music around. With 18 songs in 14 minutes, Limp Wrist bring fast paced hardcore very reminiscent of bands like Los Crudos mixed with Infest or No Comment, and just like said bands, Limp Wrist are totally angry as fuck.

I Love Hardcore Boys / I Love Boys Hardcore
Cruisin' At The Show
Smear The Fear
You Ain't That Fierce
Back In The Days
Relatives Got Nerve
Cheap Art
Limp Wrist
Limp Wrist Vs. Dr. Laura
This Ain't No Cross On My Hand
We Started This Band To Get Dates
O.D.'d On Pop
Give Me A Fuckin' Break
Man To Man
No Choice