NAPALM DEATH "Demos 1985-1986" LP

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NAPALM DEATH "Demos 1985-1986" LP

Awesome document of two legendary demos by Napalm Death. It's great to hear the raw building blocks that helped transform extreme music so drastically in 1987/88 when "Scum" was released. Essential history.

European import.
150gram black vinyl reissue.

Hatred Surge Demos
Recorded October 23rd, 1985

A1 What Man Can Do
A2 Instinct Of Survival
A3 Abbatoir
A4 Control
A5 Sacrificed
A6 So Sad
A7 Caught In A Dream
A8 Private Death
A9 Cheswick Green

From Enslavement To Obliteration Demos
Recorded March 15th, 1986

B1 Multinational Corporations
B2 Instinct Of Survival
B3 Unclean
B4 Sacrificed
B5 Siege Of Power
B6 Caught... In A Dream
B7 What Man Can Do
B8 Control
B9 Death By Manipulation
B10 Abattoir
B11 Private Death
B12 The Kill
B13 You Suffer