NECROS "Conquest For Death" LP

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NECROS "Conquest For Death" LP

150gram black vinyl
Euro Import

Midwest hardcore at its ferocious best, this album rips, straight up.

Hailing from Maumee, Ohio, the Necros were in the first wave of hardcore bands happening in the U.S.A. Consisting of Barry Henssler, Andy Wendler, and Todd Swalla, the Necros formed way back in 1979. Meatmen vocalist and scenester Tesco Vee soon took the band under his wing, and within a year they were at the forefront of a scene centered around Detroit, Michigan. Absolutely essential Necros reissue here.

"A very strong new release from Ohio’s NECROS. This album contains a few slow-fast metallic numbers; the rest consists of power-charged thrashers, including a remix of “Police Brutality” from their long-out-of-print debut EP. I don’t understand why Barry devoted so much lyrical attention to petty in-scene squabbles when he’s obviously capable of writing highly intelligent critiques with broader themes (like the title track), but this record should nevertheless appeal to all fans of forceful hardcore. Way cool! "
Reviewer Jeff Bale Label Touch and Go Issue MRR #8 • September 1983


Search For Fame
Tarnished Words
No One
Bad Dream
Police Brutality
Conquest For Death
Count Me Out
Crying Form
Face Forward
Friend To All