NEOS - “Three Teens Hellbent on Speed: 1981-83" LP


NEOS - “Three Teens Hellbent on Speed: 1981-83" LP

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Furious and out of control hardcore thrash, noisy and played at breakneck speeds. A huge Dropdead influence. Cannot wait for this reissue to land here!!

Canadian Import.
LP on Orange vinyl with 24page booklet insert.

Short sonic blasts of teen angst at breakneck velocity – Canada’s NEOS, from Victoria, BC, were pioneers of hyper-speed-punk at the dawn of hardcore. With profound lyrics, humour, bizarre arrangements, and general insanity, NEOS inspired thrash metal, grindcore, noisecore, and hardcore punk itself. The complete NEOS collection (1981–83) includes both rare EPs, outtakes, demos, and live cuts.

51 songs in 48 minutes from original sources, meticulously remastered.

24-pg booklet with 22,000-word bio by Steve Bailey (guitar/vocals) + lyrics, 75+ photos, posters, art and more. Opaque bright orange vinyl.

“Possibly the fastest thrash garage punk ever recorded” – Jeff Bale, MRR #1, 1982

“Unrelenting energy, sometimes uncontrollable, always frantic, manic thrusts of clamorous fury and power” – Pushead, MRR #4, 1983

“Amazing, original, manic, tight, intelligent (and I could go on and on)” – Tim Yohannan, MRR #4, 1983

The booklet is insane, the whole thing is a masterpiece. Mick Harris from Napalm Death loved them; it’s J. Mascis favorite Canadian band; Gene Hoglan loved them; Jello Biafra loves them; Pushead was a huge fan; Tim Yohannon praised them; NOFX covered them, Charles Bronson covered them; Spazz tried to cover them but found it too difficult; the list goes on and on. We expect a very fast sell out of the first pressing.