NIGHTMARE "Give Notice Of Nightmare" LP


NIGHTMARE "Give Notice Of Nightmare" LP

Reissue of this ripping 1990 release by Japan's NIGHTMARE! Blazing HC/Thrash!!!

Euro Import.
LP on 150gram black vinyl housed in a heavy 350gm board sleeve and includes 2 sided 12x12 lyric insert

Along with Gauze & Warhead, Nightmare is one of the few classic japanese bands that never broke up and it's still going strong after all these years. I think a pretty convincing argument can be made for Nightmare’s "Give Notice Of Nightmare" being the best "Burning Spirits" style Japanese hardcore release. Classic metallic japanese hardcore/punk in one of its finest moments.
Highly recommended!

Track Listing:

A1 Black Window
A2 Dick
A3 Annihilation
A4 Nothing
A5 Euthanasia
B1 Self Defense Power
B2 Dark Side
B3 Tumbling Down
B4 Lost Anger
B5 Actuality