S.O.B. Kaidan "Noise Violence And Destroy" CD

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S.O.B. Kaidan "Noise Violence And Destroy" CD

Absolutely essential legendary Japanese Hardcore Noise collaboration reissue!

One time limited pressing!
CD in jewelcase packaging with OBI.

Japanese Import, apologies on the price.

Sabotage Organized Barbarian, best known by their acronym S.O.B were part of a hardcore punk movement in the 80s that envigorated Japanese youth along with other acts like GISM and Gauze. The ravaging tempos and punishing aural densities grappled with the ears, and their sphere of influence quickly broke the banks of their native Osaka, with acts like Napalm Death acknowledging the bands importance for their own sound and grindcore to come.

In 1988, S.O.B teamed up with Alchemy Records founder Jojo Hiroshige, and his prolific Japanoise band Hijokaidan to form S.O.B Kaidan. With Hiroshige’s crushing distortion squeals stacked on top of S.O.B’s high-tempo percussive aggression, the two made quick work of anything that dared to obstruct their path at the cross-sections of hardcore and noise.

Their only LP Noise Violence and Destroy remains the only relic of their collaboration, and has become hard to find. The initial batch of 3000 LPs were quickly snapped up, and the brief CD runs that followed are now rare items. As part of the Alchemy Records Essential Collections series, We are thrilled to reissue Noise Violence and Destroy on limited edition vinyl for the first time with an iconic Japanese obi strip included.

S.O.B.Kaidan is the name for the live collaboration between Hijokaidan and S.O.B.On this release the line up is Jojo Hiroshige (Hijokaidan), Yamatsuka Eye (Hanatarash, Boredoms), Naoto Hayashi (artist in his own right and co-founder of Alchemy Records alongside Jojo), along with Naoto, Satoshi Yasue and Toshimi Seki of Japanese hardcore/thrash legends Sabotage Organized Barbarian (hence the S.O.B. component).

Recorded live at Eggplant in Osaka on January 31st 1988, this is a completely raw and furious blast of furious thrash with an extra layer of extra noise added to the assault. It really is the sound of madness, completely over the top wall of noise... crasher crust be damned, this is the true sound of chaos noise.

'Noise, Violence and Destroy' was released on Alchemy Records as an LP in 1988 and re-released on CD in 1992 and 2007, all formats long out of print.


Not Me
Sudden Rise Of Desire
Fuck Or Die
Noise, Violence & Destroy
Rising Hell
Look Like Devil
Never Again
To Be Continued