WARHEAD "Never Give Up" LP

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WARHEAD "Never Give Up" LP

Collection or out of print EP's and comp tracks by Japan's mighty WARHEAD. Straight up furious and raging HC/thrash/punk!!!

Euro Import.
LP on 150gram black vinyl housed in a heavy 350gm board sleeve and includes 2 sided 12x24 poster insert/lyric sheet, and a postcard.

WARHEAD come from the former capital of the Empire, Kyoto, and there's no doubt they're among the top classic hardcore bands from the Land of the Rising Sun. This discography compiles the most important of their 1991-2004 work on one LP wrapped in a beautiful cover by well known Japanese hc/punk artist SUGI. 22 songs from their out-of-print and hard-to-find 7", split and compilation releases, all have been remastered and sound better than ever..

1 to 5 from 1st 7ep Cry Of Truth
6 to 11 from 2nd 7ep The Lost Self And Beating Heart
12 to 14 from V/A CD Hard Core Ball 3 - Nothing Action Nothing Have
15 to 18 from V/A LP One Shot One Kill
19 to 21 from 3rd 7ep Drive It In Your Head!
22 from Don't Give'n To Any Pressure!! / Space Junk split 7ep with ORdER

Track Listing:

A1 Cry Of Truth
A2 Suicide
A3 Fight With No Fear
A4 You In Corruption
A5 Your On Crime
A6 Burn Your Heart And Go Through Darkness!
A7 疾走 (At Full Speed)
A8 Absorb Shocks!
A9 Crazy Soul Hurricane
A10 The Lost Self And Beating Heart
A11 I'm Still Alive!
B12 Slash One's Way
B13 (Who's A) Law Breaker
B14 It's Not A Dead End
B15 Brain Washing By The Shocks
B16 Slash One's Way
B17 Law Breaker
B18 Circulation
B19 月下 (Under The Moonlight)
B20 Face Crisis
B21 日常 (Routine)
B22 Don't Give'n To Any Pressure!!